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Wallin to Speak at USC: Technocracy – Examining Tech’s Role in the Polarization of US Politics

Justin Wallin will speak Tuesday evening at an event hosted by USC’s Unruh Institute of Politics.

Technology has played an outsized role in the past few elections cycles, and that is unlikely to change. Facebook has been a major focus of the attention, having potentially given Democrats the upper-hand in 2012 by increasing millennial turnout, and given the more recent news of its dissemination of ads from fake accounts during the 2016 election. While many have seen technology as a means of further democratizing our institutions, many are now wondering if it has instead led to an increase in polarization and a lack of compromise in our political system.


Ravi Iyer, Executive Director of Civil Politics, a non-profit that uses technology to bridge the divide between practitioners and researchers in moral psychology Bill Carrick, Political consultant; Founder, Carrick Consulting, Inc. Justin Wallin, CEO/ Pollster, J. Wallin Opinion Research

More information can be found here.

The evening can be watched via CSPAN here.

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