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Clinicians reluctant in providing telehealth care to older adults, national survey finds

The big news: A sweeping national survey of doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers reveals that nearly 60 percent believe it’s “dangerous” to provide telehealth to older adults due to patients’ medical complexities, while another 60 percent say telehealth is an unrealistic option for seniors with physical or cognitive challenges.

The Data: In the peer-reviewed journal Telehealth and e-Health, West Health Institute and fellow members of the Collaborative for Telehealth and Aging share insights from more than 7,000 healthcare providers, in a research project fielded by J. Wallin Opinion Research earlier this year.

These are among a host of unexpected survey findings from 7,246 U.S. clinicians who offer telehealth to older adults. The results not only shed light on perceived concerns that can impact care but point to the need for industry-wide guidance on how to improve telehealth for this fast-growing patient population.

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