What We Do

We approach opinion research with purpose.  We believe that data is useful only insofar as it is clearly actionable.  Our work supports data-driven decisions and messaging strategies.

Our research applies the right tool for the right situation (polling, focus groups, online/mobile research etc.), leveraging proven methodologies combined with years of expertise determining core drivers of human opinions, expectations and behavior.  We distill complex social and issue landscapes to reveal clear strategies to success, and are firm believers that research must deliver not only a distinct return on investment, but behave as a force-multiplier for a strategy team, yielding accurate information, identifying groups with shared opinions and revealing how to move opinions and behaviors.

We will take the complex and distill it on your behalf, delivering an accurate assessment of how things are, and a clear roadmap of how to get to where you need to be.

We work with business, government and political clients on ballot measures and elections, rate structures and new revenues, budget prioritization, new product and service development, infrastructure (energy, water/wastewater/stormwater, sanitation, etc.), development, technology, healthcare, branding, crisis communications and more. If it exists, we have probably researched it and can help you.