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Wallin speaking at OC Forum

Thursday, June 22, 2017, Wallin joined Dan Schnur (Director, American Jewish Committee), Hon. Tom Umberg (Partner, Umber/Zipser LLP) and Hon. Loretta Sanchez (Former Congresswoman, 46th Congressional District) at the OC Forum discussing:

“What Happened To The Middle? The 2016 general election became known for the polarizing effect it had on the electorate. With specific issues dictating polling outcomes and candidates catering towards those key message points, many were left to wonder, what happened to the middle? Join us and our panel of experts as we discuss what led up to this point and what the future of politics looks like moving forward.”

NEW POLL RESULTS: 97.1% support local California government investment in infrastructure

New research fielded by J. Wallin Opinion Research reveals that nearly 100% (97.1%) of California voters say it’s important for local California government agencies to invest in infrastructure projects.

View the presentation here: J. Wallin Opinion Research – California Statewide Voter Survey – Presentation

View the full report on results, including methodology, here: California Statewide Voter Survey – Report on Results

NEW POLL RESULTS: California Voters Want Funding for High Speed Rail Spent on Different Projects Instead

A new survey of California’s voters reveals that only 12.0% want to see High Speed Rail funds remain dedicated to High Speed Rail.

  • A plurality (44.4%) prefer to see High-Speed Rail funding go towards schools and education instead
  • 32.3% prefer to see High-Speed Rail funding go to towards repairing and building new bridges, roads and freeways instead
  • 27.7% prefer to see High Speed Rail funding go towards helping to fix homelessness instead

Read the presentation here: J. Wallin Opinion Research – Wallin questions – California Statewide Voter Survey – Presentation

Read the cross tabulations here: J. Wallin Opinion Research – California Statewide Voter Survey – Crosstabulations

Press release. J Wallin Opinion Research – Press Release – High Speed Rail

New on Campaigns & Elections: A Candidate’s Guide to Polling

You’ve signed a consultant, hired the fundraiser, and found the right person to run the ground operation. Do you really need a polling firm to test your message? After all, the team you’ve assembled should be able to develop a winning message, right? More often than not, the answer is no.

No matter how robust a campaign team, a pollster should always have a seat at the top leadership table. This sounds counterintuitive to many candidates in this environment. The headlines have been blaring about how the pollsters got it wrong last cycle. Moreover, there are public surveys, Facebook surveys and anecdotes from golf buddies to make up the gap in information.

But that’s the exact reason why campaigns need their own expert. In an environment with an abundance of free information, you get what they pay for. In other words, public polling, or social media polling is no substitute for a good opinion-research survey. In fact, it’s mission-critical for campaigns to ask questions, test assumptions, profile supporters and the opposition, and clearly identify your most effective messages. Here’s how to make that happen within most campaign budgets.

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Despite a tough cycle, pollsters expect business to boom in 2017

Public polling was excoriated last year as the misses piled up and surveyors’ methodology faced waves of scrutiny. Even some pollsters were predicting the demise of their profession in its current form, along with a few professors who argued that 2016 could mark “the end of industrial political polling.”

But just six weeks into 2017, pollsters are confident their business isn’t going away anytime soon. Despite facing growing costs associated with calling cellphones, competition from social media listening services and Facebook surveys, pollsters believe they’re on track for a banner cycle.

That’s partly because the political environment is so uncertain that congressional and gubernatorial incumbents will be more anxious to gauge their prospects. And that’s something unlikely to change while President Trump is in office.

“Good polling that’s the right tool for the right environment, that’s always going to be in-demand,” GOP pollster Justin Wallin told C&E.


18 Consultant Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

By C&E staff, January 2, 2017
Campaigns and Elections

At their best, consultants have an uncanny ability to predict the future, or at least spot a trend. With that in mind, we asked top practitioners from different corners of the industry to make predictions about the future of campaigns, politics, and sports in 2017 and beyond.

Here’s what they told us:

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